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"The horse-drawn carriages from Bear Creek Adventures are the perfect way to add old world charm and elegance to your wedding! The professional and courteous staff at Bear Creek will make sure everything runs smoothly so you can enjoy your day."

-Jessie Baca, Wedding and Event Coordinator

"We referred Jon at Canyon Road Flowers to you. Sequoia, the bride was in love with the horse. She really enjoyed the carriage and felt it really added a special touch. The young children thought she was a princess. Sequoia was so pleased and of course she was the one that counted - along with Chris, the groom who also loved it. Being from New York it added to his day.

Thanks for all your help."

-Mitra Lujan

"Dear Eric:

I so appreciate the way you were able to help me plan the perfect surprise for my senior partner/boss during his wedding weekend there in Santa fe! When the carriage appeared to whisk him and his fiancée away from their rehearsal dinner/reception, they were floored! They loved the carriage ride, and I loved the way you worked with me to help arrange it long-distance!

Thanks again,"

-Alison Kennamer

"Dear Eric,

We want to let you know how much we enjoyed your services at our wedding. What a great surprise for everyone leaving the chapel to see those beautiful horses, Jack and Daniel. And for us, it was a fairytale ending to a beautiful day. To be carried away in such a beautiful carriage and all the blessings and support from people on the Plaza gave us a great beginning to our life together. And we had the added bonus- the children loved it!

Thank you.


-Brenda Bynum and James Jenner


Thank you so much for a wonderful carriage ride! It was the perfect way to end a beautiful wedding day! I would highly recommend it to anyone!

Thanks again,"

-Michele and Bill


The horse and carriage that you provided for our daughter’s wedding was perfect. Our guests commented that it was the perfect ending to the fairy tale wedding that we planned. The bride and groom were late breaking away from the reception and I really thank you for your patience and kindness in waiting for them. The horses were so handsome and well groomed and the carriage was beautiful. Kaitlin and Christian enjoyed the ride and it gave them a chance to talk and recall their special day.


-Pat Westbrook


Thank you for providing such a wonderful service. The carriage and driver were excellent. Everyone loved it, especially us!

Thanks again,"

-Tom & Beth Flores

Carriage/Wagon Rides


You did an AMAZING job - thank you so much. Your horses looked absolutely beautiful, and the guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I will definitely be calling you for our future events. We had several clients at last night`s event comment on the exciting addition of the horse rides.

Thank you again,"

-Peter R.M. Lovato

Hilton Santa Fe Golf Resort and Spa at
Buffalo Thunder

"Hi Eric,

We had a wonderful time!! Everyone was so impressed. The wagon ride is at the top of the list for memories to cherish from this Christmas. I cut the ride short, because of my mother. She has Lupus and Raynaud`s and suffers badly from the cold. We had her all bundled up with those temporary heat packs. By holding the ride to just an hour, she was able to really enjoy herself and avoid the painful cold. I wanted to end on a high spot and we did :).

I don`t know when we will have this much family in town again, but we will definitely call you if that happens and let us know if you ever need a good reference.

Thanks again!!!


"Everybody loved the Bear Creek Adventures wagons. Many commented that they were better than a stagecoach as the wagons were more open so you could see 360 degrees. The wagons were also judged to be "easy on the booty", as one happy rider put it, and they held a lot of passengers. The drivers were courteous and worked hard to ensure that everyone who rode with them had a great time. We will definitely use this wonderful company again in the future!

-Diane Granito,
New Mexico Children, Youth & Families Department

"Eric, I have wanted to write you for some time now just to tell you how much I have appreciated your providing the wagon rides for my Labor Day Party. Every year ( I think it`s FIVE years now) virtually everyone has told me how much they have enjoyed it, and whomever it is that`s driving has always been friendly and courteous. This year I must say that the horses were a real hit--what beautiful and well-behaved animals they are. I hope they`ll be here again in September.

Thanks again, Eric, and I hope you have a great 2009.

All my best,"

-Sandy Milliken

"Hi Eric,

You did an outstanding job for us. I was impressed with your dress, the carriage and the horses. I too got many compliments about the horses and carriages. Grab the optic newspaper today the carriages are on the front page. Thank you for doing this event for us it was a HUGE success."

-Troy Denison
Director of Sales & Catering
Plaza Hotel

"Great job, both times!"

-Stan Abbott

"Dear Eric,

It is with grateful heart that I write these few and meager words of appreciation for your continuing service to our community and particularly to our children in Pecos. Every time the Pecos Panthers PTA or the school or the Pecos Valley Community Foundation has requested your horse and wagon teams for any of our fund-raising or "joy-raising events", you have always been more than happy to adjust your schedule to serve our community. Often and even in pitch darkness, you were last there, loading your horses on trailers while the rest of us were safe at home reflecting on the fond memories your efforts had created. We don`t say it often or enough, but please know that your contribution has been received with the deepest of gratitude!


-Robin Reindle
Founding Board Member of the Pecos Valley Community Foundation

"You were great to work with. I wish I was closer to you!"

-Annette Hobbs
Great Occassions International

"We were very impressed with your services and you professionalism and friendly warm demeanor. Thanks for a beautiful memory!"

-Johnny and Angelina Rodriguez

"You all did a GREAT job!"

-Don Koppa


Thanks for the good job. I did not plan for such a turn out, but it worked out Great!"

-Gilbert Ortiz
Jane Fonda`s Forked Lightening Ranch

"Eric & Staff,

I would like to take this opportuinty to Thank you for the great service you have provide Los Alamos County - Fair & Rodeo. You bring up a wagon for our grand marshal for the county parade. Everyone enjoys riding the wagon.

Thanks again for the great service."

-Laura A. Valdez
Los Alamos County Community Services
Recreation - Fair & Rodeo

Sleigh Rides

"All I wanted for Christmas was a sleigh ride. The ride we had with Bear Creek Adventures was wonderful- in many ways it exceeded my expectations. Our entire family had a great time from the 77 year old down to the 2 year old. I would recommend it, and as an extra bonus, bring a thermos of hot chocolate. It would make the whole outing perfect."

-Stephanie Croft


Thank you for making our New Year`s special with a fantastic sleigh ride up Holy Ghost canyon in the beautiful Pecos National Forest. Our group included four couples of good friends. We had warm drinks and warm clothes. The crew was wonderful. The driver was perfect and we even had a local historian ride along with us and relayed one story after another about the area and the people who lived there over the years.

The team was incredible. What a great memory we have of our sleigh ride in the Pecos.

Thank you,"

-Max & Carolyn Scott

"It was a good sleigh ride. I liked the snow and I liked the horses- but I didn`t like the boy horse who slobbered."

-Jess Croft (age 3)

"The sleigh ride that Eric took us on was perfect. The snowy scenery made for a picturesque setting. This continues to be the one activity that we tell everybody about from our family vacation. We will definitely put this in our things to do again file.

Thanks Eric!"

-Jeff and Marcy Moran

"Since the very first winter my wife and I shared together, she has expressed a wish to `go on a sleigh ride just like they show in the TV commercial. Living for many years in California, Florida and Texas made fulfilling this wish tough. When we purchased a town home in Santa Fe, the opportunity finally arrived. I contacted Eric at Bear Creek Adventures and the rest is enjoyable history.

Eric runs a first class operation. The trip he picked for our ride was breath taking and the horses pulling our sleigh were magnificent. My wife was thrilled . We are planning on returning for another trip and have told all our friends and family about the wonderful experience. Don`t miss it."

-Tim Dickinson


Thank for very much for the sleigh ride this afternoon! My family and I had a great time and look forward to taking another one soon.

When I showed my 18 month old daughter Sydney photos of your horses, she got the biggest smile. We are going to frame one and hang it in her room so she`ll have a lasting memory of her first horse trip.

You provide a first class operation in a beautiful wilderness setting. We look forward to telling friends and visitors about your services.


-Joseph Karnes

"Gorgeous country, marvelous, beautiful horses, pleasant guide, and excellent service. We highly recommend this experience to anyone."

-Von and Marge Worten


"Dear Eric,

I didn’t think writing a small blurb would be so difficult to put into words. I wanted to capture the feelings of everyone, but that is impossible, so I’ll just concentrate on myself. The day Maria asked you for my family to provide the horse carriage for my daddy’s funeral you didn’t even hesitate, you right away asked where, when, what time! I cannot begin to express the gratitude my family has for you and the service you provided us. After the mass when the pallbearers were instructed to load my daddy’s casket onto the horse carriage instead of the limousine, emotions went into play. It was so appropriate to take "a real cowboy" to his resting place. Your beautiful horse carriage and horses were the lead. People decided just to walk behind you instead of driving to the cemetery. Still today, nine years later, people ask me who you were and who those horses belonged to! Thank you Eric from the bottom of my heart, you will always hold a special place in my family’s heart. God Bless You & Keep You & Your Family Safe!"

-Josie Rodriguez

"On December of 2005 we lost our only son to a tragic accident. The night before the services we received a call from Eric in which he wanted to honor our son by taking him to the cemetery after the church services on his horse drawn wagon. We were most honored to know he wanted to do this for us and our son. It meant so much to us and to this day we will never forget how we felt when we saw him in the horse drawn wagon. That was one way our son would have liked to have gone to his resting place. It affected my husband that days later he dreamed and he saw our son going into heaven on the horse drawn carriage, he was so happy."

-Frances C. Quintana

"My Great Uncle was a cowboy from cradle to grave and to have him carried to his final resting place in a horse drawn wagon by a pair of draft horses was the only way for him to go. The team and wagon were beautiful and made the event unique and special. It was the perfect touch for a man who rode horses and died with his boots on."

-Paul Brown

Big Horn Sheep

"Well organized and great all around operation. Beautiful scenery and a very enjoyable trip."

-Troy and Lori Ginn
International Outdoor Consultants
Hamilton, MT


It was a wonderful hunt that fulfilled a dream of mine, to shoot a bighorn with a traditional bow. Thank you for the WHOLE HUNT. It was wonderful. Thanks.


-Bill Van Buskirk, Farmington, NM


Superb service. The guides of BCA are extremely congenial, knowlegeable, and experienced. If I ever draw for another hunt in the Pecos, BCA is the first and only service I will look to. This was an excellent hunt and a terriffic experience for everyone involved. Thanks to Eric for the memories and the tremendous ram hanging on my wall."

-Joe Clayshulte, Mesilla, NM


It has been one week since we harvested my sheep and I am still on cloud nine. Our adventure really started 8 weeks ago. When you called my home to tell me I had drawn a Once in a lifetime, New Mexico Bighorn Sheep tag.

If you recall, we spoke at length that night and I was very impressed with your honesty and sincerity. You answered my thousand and one questions with patience. Over the next few days, other guides for the area contacted me giving their sales pitch. I got the feeling that they were saying what clients wanted to hear, but their operations seemed large and impersonal.

We spoke several more times over the next few days and I became convinced that you were the proper choice for my once in a lifetime tag. The deciding factor was that you were personally guiding me instead of placing me with an assistant guide like the other guys do.

The next few weeks were a whirlwind of activity. Trying to get new gear, shoot my rifle, and getting my sea level body in condition for mountain hunting. Numerous phone calls and e-mails and I finally arrived in Albuquerque.

I have been on numerous hunts in different states and I was very impressed upon seeing the quality of your equipment, horses, camp, and assistance staff. We camped at 11,000 feet yet had good hot food and cots for our sleeping bags.

Next, came two days of intense scouting for a trophy sheep. I was concerned that since it was a once in lifetime that I might have to settle for an average ram. You kept telling me you knew where the trophies were and sure enough we found them the first afternoon.

Friday was a nervous day. Late Friday afternoon we found our sheep and watched him until he bedded down at dark.

I don`t think I slept much Friday night but we were in position to glass at daylight opening morning. Within 15 minutes you located the ram. A short re-position for the shot and he was ours. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would harvest a Boone & Crockett class sheep.

As you are well aware, I am a Law Enforcement Officer (Game Warden) with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. In the course of my duties and in all the guided hunts I have been on, I have met all kinds of guides. Some were lazy, incompetent, and unethical. A few were outright crooks. I would like to say that it was a pleasure to hunt with you and Tito. You and Tito are two of the most honest, hardworking, ethical and fair chase hunters I have ever hunted with.

I realize that you put much pre season work into my hunt. You made several scouting trips to locate sheep before I arrived. I feel those efforts during the pre season were one of the main reasons we were successful. When I arrived you already knew what drainages held sheep and what ones did not.

In closing I would like to once again say thanks for making my once in a lifetime hunt just that. I will never forget the beauty of the mountains, the majesty of the sheep and the friendships made.

Your friend,"

-Lane Kinney, Chipley, FL

"To my good friend Eric,

I just want to thank you for an extremely successful New Mexico Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep hunt. Your knowledge and attention to detail was top notch and definitely contributed to a tremendous hunt and a tremendous trophy. Every aspect of my hunt including your equipment, camp, horses, food and guides were bar none. I could not be happier with the knowledge of the area and spotting and scoring trophy bighorn sheep that you and Tito displayed during my hunt. This was my sixth hunt for wild sheep and I could just not be more pleased with your services. The beauty and majesty of the Pecos Wilderness was also awesome. I can hardly wait until August to be back in New Mexico to hunt antelope with you and Tito!

Thank you very much,"

-Frank "Pancho" Cox, Pleasanton, CA

"Eric, every aspect and accommodation exceeded my expectations. Everything within your control was well planned and organized.


-Jason Nagle, Farmington, NM

"Dear Eric,

I cannot thank you enough for the incredible and exciting adventures we had hunting and eventually harvesting my totally awesome ram. He was more than I hoped for. He was a mature ram about 11 ½ years old with excellent mass all the way around each horn and plenty of character. Your son Joseph was an excellent cook and wrangler. His youth and strength was a big plus when we packed out my ram. The horses were the best high country horses I have been on.

Eric, both you and Joseph worked your tails off to give me a memorable and quality hunting experience. I am sure that your future clients will enjoy your services as much as I did. If your future clients have any doubts or questions they can call me anytime for a reference.

Thanks again Eric and Joseph from a very satisfied customer.


-Rex Archer, Albuquerque, NM

"Dear Eric,

Thank you for the hunt of a lifetime. I wanted to send you some pictures and a gift certificate to the store (good anytime). I had the best experience in my hunting career. I enjoyed every minute of it. Thinking back on the experience I would not change a thing.

I miss being on the mountain. I plan on doing more things in the Pecos wilderness and will call you of course. Thank you again, I will keep in touch from time to time.


-Todd Newman, Santa Fe, NM

Elk (Valles Caldera)


Plane just landed, and I had to send you this quick note to thank you again for a great hunting experience. Hunting the Valles Caldera is a rare treat, and making the trip with you and your team made it unforgettable. Your attention to detail, the quality of your equipment and the help from your staff all culminated in a terrific hunt, resulting in a 320 B&C Bull , and a lot of great memories! I hope to draw again on that wonderful Preserve, once called the Baca Ranch, and will be also be applying for a 2003 NM Sheep tag. If successful, I hope I can count you in as my guide and partner. I know I`ll be bringing home a trophy with the team from Bear Creek. Thanks again!"

-Pierre-Paul Allard, Toronto, Canada 10-2002


"Unbelievable experience. Thanks for opportunities to shoot."

-Doug Ross

"Guides, cook and wrangler are all super guys. They take care of everyone and are as hard working as any I have hunted with."

-James L. (Buster) Gunn Jr


I`ll definately be back-just don`t know when. Our first time elk hunting & we couldn`t have done better than Bear Creek Adventures. We really lucked out when you bumped into Troy on the web."

-Darren Garner

"What else would you like me to say as I come back for the third year in a row?"

-Steve Klinker

"I have had some memorable experiences while hunting with your outfit. Your eagerness to better your services keeps me coming back.


-Kevin Hall

"Always has been a nice and memorable hunt. Looking forward to hunting with you again."

-Jim Rhodes

"I have been impressed with the complete crew (wranglers, cook, guides). Everyone is committed to helping you have a good time and a good hunt-and both times my trips turned out Great.


-James (Doc) Stevens

"I had a great time. It was an experience I will always remember. The best hunt I ever had. I didn`t kill anything, however, I got a shot and I can`t ask for anything more.


-Wyatt Adams

"Eric (Guide) + Joseph (wrangler) + Mike (cook) + Randy Guide = Great Hunting Experience, Coming back again."

-Bobby Pruitt, Elgin, TX

"Hi Eric,

I wanted to thank you for a great time in New Mexico, you and your guys did a good job making wonderful memories for me. I hope the rest of your season goes as well as our trip went. Feel free to use me as a reference if you want.


-John J. King

Drop Camps

"Dear Eric,

We were both impressed with your operation. We see no reason for you to change anything. I think that we will do things a little differently next time (yes, we want to go again) in that we will probably use a second pack horse to carry a larger tent and a few more amenities. In any event we had a good time. We certainly want to try it again next year.


-John A. Farrell


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