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Recommended Personal Gear
For An Early Winter Hunting Trip

  1. License with Habitat Stamp
  2. Rifle, muzzleloader or bow (sighted in) and at least two boxes of cartridges for each firearm.
  3. Binoculars.
  4. Sunglasses or tinted ski goggles.
  5. Compass, map, waterproof matches and lighter, fire starter, emergency blanket, flashlight w/ extra batteries and other survival gear in a small (fanny) pack.
  6. Rain gear (pants and jacket).
  7. Camera and extra film.
  8. Two pairs water proof boots -1 pair Packs with removable liners, one pair insulated walking boots.
  9. Snow gaiters.
  10. Waterproof insulated coveralls are invaluable at times.
  11. Jacket and sweaters or vest, wool face mask (dress in layers).
  12. Hat with ear flaps (hunter orange not required in N.M.).
  13. Water proof (ski) gloves.
  14. Long underwear and at least two complete changes of clothing.
  15. Camo clothing.
  16. Sleeping bag good to -20 degrees. (Preferably a bag that rolls up small enough to carry behind your saddle if need be). Cot and foam pad will be provided.
  17. Personal toiletries and miscellaneous items; i.e., medications, chapstick, flashlight, pocket knife, hunting knife, towels and wash clothes, reading material and other personal items.
  18. Water purification system. The Safe Water Anywhere system seems to work well. They can be contacted at 1-800-675- 4401 or on the web at

General Informatiion:

All gear should be packed in duffel bags. 21"x36" militarytype work best. All duffel bags should be weighed and marked prior to the trip and must not exceed 30 pounds per duffel bag.

For unusually shaped items such as dishes, cardboard boxes may beused but must be the type that oranges or lemons are shipped in, appleboxes will not work. Boxes should be weighed and marked prior to thetrip and should be paired.


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