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Safety is of utmost concern in regard to all of our activities, particularly with our carriage, wagon and sleigh services. To operate as safely as possible, the horses and mules that we use are experienced, well trained animals with a disposition that allows their use in areas of heavy concentrations of traffic, people and noise.

Inspections of wagons, carriages and sleighs are conducted prior to each use with particular attention being paid to wheels or skis, running gear, tongue and double trees. In addition, the harness, collars and lines are inspected to make sure that they are in good condition. Of course, making sure that the horses are properly harnessed and hitched is of utmost concern as well.

After the horses or mules have been hitched to the wagon, carriage or sleigh, it is imperative that the driver have physical contact with the horses at all times and his full attention needs to be on the horses. This means that he or she either needs to be holding them by the halters or, the safest option is for the driver to be in the driver`s seat and control the horses with the lines. Therefore, the driver is unable to do other things, like assisting passengers in loading or unloading the wagon or carriage, taking pictures, etc. Generally the driver is unable to dismount the wagon except under special circumstances. The team and wagon will not be left unattended for any reason!

At all times after the horses are hitched, the driver must also devote his full concentration to the horses, the road, traffic and the environment, anticipating items or sounds that may scare or "spook" the horses.

This being said, please understand that if the driver does not dismount the carriage to greet you, help you into the wagon, carriage or sleigh, or seems to be preoccupied while driving, these are the reasons why. Please understand that we are simply concentrating on making your ride or event as safe as possible.

Please approach the horses only with permission from the driver and never from the side or rear as they cannot see behind them. While getting into and out of the horse-drawn vehicle, please face toward the vehicle and please do so as quickly as possible as the horses can move forward or backward at any time. While in the vehicle, keep hands, arms and legs in the vehicle and remain seated while the vehicle is moving or taking off as the horses will jerk and it is very easy to fall in or out of the vehicle. If you would like to stop for pictures or any other reason, please advise the driver so he/she can assure it is safe to do so.

Our goal is for each and every client to have an enjoyable and SAFE experience.


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