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Permit and License Information

Deadline to apply for public deer permits, elk, antelope, ibex, javelina and bighorn sheep draw licenses was April 7, 2007.

New Mexico has a quota system and a very unique private landowner permit system. Below is some specific information regarding the elk and mule deer permit system. Keep in mind that this information is specific to the Game Management Units in which we guide.

License Costs:

Type of License






General Hunting


Not Issued

General Hunting & Fishing


Not Issued

Junior General Hunting


Not Issued

Junior General Hunting & Fishing


Not Issued

Senior or Handicapped General Hunting


Not Issued

Senior or Handicapped General Hunting & Fishing


Not Issued

Public Land Mature Bull Elk



Public Land Antlerless Elk



Private Land Bull Elk



Private Land Antlerless Elk



Turkey First Tag (spring or fall)



Second Tag (spring only)









Small Game



Temporary Small Game (4 days)

Not Issued





Junior Trapper


Not Issued

Nongame Animals

Not Required


Habitat Stamp



Habitat Management & Access Validation



Valles Caldera Bull/Either Sex Chances



Valles Caldera Antlerless Chances



Duplicate License



Draw Licenses vs. Over the Counter Licenses:

Draw Licenses can be applied for by either using Form 2007 by mail or by applying on line at the link at the bottom of this page. Draw-hunt licenses are awarded by random computer drawing. Of the game species we hunt, the following require Draw Licenses: Mule deer, elk and bighorn sheep. The only exception to this is if the hunter purchases a landowner tag for deer or elk in which case a license can be purchased over the counter. Landowner permits for bighorn sheep are not available. New Mexico`s draw license system is based on a quota of applicants. Quotas apply to elk and deer hunts. Residents receive 78 percent of the available licenses for any hunt code. Nonresidents who choose to use outfitters will receive up to 12 percent of the available licenses. Nonresidents who apply to hunt without outfitters will receive up to 10 percent of the available licenses. The deadline to apply for Draw Licenses was April 7, 2007.

Over the counter licenses can be purchased from local vendors such as Wal-mart or K-Mart, at NM Game & Fish offices, or on line at the link at the bottom of this page. Licenses for the game species we hunt that can be purchased over the counter are: Bear & lion (licenses must be purchased at least two days before hunting), antelope (Landowner permits furnished) and turkey.

Landowner Authorizations:

Landowner authorizations can be utilized for our private land elk hunts, our public land elk hunts and our private land deer hunts. Please contact us for details. The hunter may not possess both a draw license and a private land license for the same species in the same license year.

Valles Caldera Hunts:

Hunters wishing to apply for a Valles Caldera elk hunt must purchase at least one lottery chance directly from the Valles Caldera Trust which will enter you into a computerized drawing. Applicants may purchase additional chances, not to exceed 20 per hunt code. See table above for applicable fees. All winners will be automatically withdrawn from the statewide draw for other game management units. Access agreements to hunt the preserve are non-transferable and non-refundable.

You may apply on-line, by phone, or by mailing the completed application and fees to Valles Caldera Trust, c/o Public Lands Interpretive Association, 6501 Fourth St. NW, Albuquerque, NM 87107. Toll-free number: 1-866-382-5537.

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